Yo' So Called Hubby In My DM

By Dejah Rice

From the author of Fallin’ For A Down South Country Boy series comes, Yo’ So Called Hubby In My DM, a page-turning romance full of drama, betrayal, and secret love affairs.

“Love don’t cost a thing, but it’s a shame how much we pay for it.” 

Chynna is an upcoming Instagram model whose beauty promises her a bright future. Her life, on the other hand, isn’t as beautiful as she is. When an unexpected truth reveals, things quickly take a turn for the worse. Pressure makes diamonds, but in her case, it creates a monster — leading her down a road she swore to never travel. 

Polo is a boss in his own right. But the steps he took to get there are about to come crumbling down. Love was never something he craved; yet, he finds himself marrying the plug’s daughter for his own selfish reasons. When the truth unfolds, it puts an automatic target on his back, and it won’t be an easy bullet to dodge. 

Find out what happens when two people force themselves into the chaotic lives of one another. A pretty face is enough to catch any man’s attention; however, what will it take to capture his heart when he’s already married? Stay tuned, because these two are about to give the phrase “it goes down in the DM” a whole new meaning.

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