Yo' So Called Hubby In My DM 2

By Dejah Rice

From Dejah Rice comes a drama-filled sequel, Yo’ So Called Hubby In My DM 2, full of  secret rendezvous, romance, and heartbreak.

Chynna is no stranger to adversity, but true happiness is foreign to her. When she walks in on the unthinkable, she’s left with a couple options. One option leading her to true happiness and the other leading her straight to destruction. Falling for another woman’s husband was never the plan; however, what was to be expected when he came full force, not taking no for an answer? Love is in the air, but whose court is the ball really in? 

Polo is on top of the world and very close to running things in a whole new way. With his cousins by his side, he felt unstoppable; until, one slip up stops everything. On top of that, he’s found someone to really pique his interest, and he’s not willing to let her go so easily. The only problem is, he’s still married and he’s walked into an ambush. Within the blink of an eye, Polo’s left to question every single move he’s ever made, but what’s to come next?

It’s said that the same way you get them will be the same way you lose them. Find out if that’s true for Polo and Chynna, or if they’ll beat the odds and find the love they both now crave. After all, whoever said two wrongs don’t make a right?

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