Till This Hood Love Do Us Part

By Kellz Kimberly

Being thrust into adulthood, Khadeen Ellis finds herself working a dead-end nine to five instead of celebrating her newfound freedom. A chance encounter with a loudmouth stranger brings her face to face with the handsome yet thuggish Hovain Legend.

Known in the hood for his abrasive demeanor and get-money ways, Hovain is feared in the streets but undeniably adored by the ladies. Carrying a heavy load with a family that depends on him, he can’t afford any distractions, especially that of falling in love. However, when paths cross, he finds himself highly attracted to the beautiful Khadeen Ellis.

Quickly, the two find themselves captivated and wrapped up in a world of their own. With love in the air, drama is never too far behind. While managing their new relationship, issues arise, forcing them to stand ten toes down for one another.

Young love is always labeled as puppy love, but when the roots are straight from the projects, it’s always gonna be Till This Hood Love Do Us Part.

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