Till This Hood Love Do Us Part 2

By Kellz Kimberly

An eye for an eye is what got her snatched, but will an eye for an eye be the reason she’s found?

Getting Khadeen back is all Hovain cares about, but will he be able to keep her when he gets her? Feeling as though she doesn’t know the man she’s falling in love with has Khadeen questioning everything. Arguments are happening more often, and making up always seems to follow. However, one constant is that the issues still remain.

Sinclair and Croix are picture perfect from all angles. The love they have is Teflon, but the secrets one of them holds threatens to shatter it into unfixable pieces.

Till This Hood Love Do Us Part is a testament to how far one will go to keep their love alive. For these couples, a simple saying will either push them together or tear them apart.

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