This Could Be Us But You Still Thuggin' 2

By Theresa Reese & Tasha Mack

Still hesitant about King’s lifestyle, Yhari proceeds with caution all while keeping her guard up. She finds herself in the middle of a few uncompromising situations and quickly learns people aren’t who they say they are.

A secret is revealed, and Yhari is left feeling hurt and betrayed by someone she thought she could trust. With no other choice, Yhari is forced to cut ties.

Though she had been judgmental at first, Yhari starts to see King in a different light. Is this enough to make her have a change of heart?

Indigo swore she wanted no parts of a hood guy, the fast life, drugs, and crime. Surviving a home invasion was a clear indication that she had to leave that life behind. Yet, she plays the ride-or-die role until her life is in danger yet again.

With Luc having her back, showing her he is the man for her, Indigo overlooks his New York swag and cocky attitude that drew her in. He has all the qualities she wants in a guy, but she is stuck on being comfortable with what and who she knows: Jasper.

Can Indigo put the past behind her and move forward? Or will she continue the never-ending cycle of a toxic relationship with a guy she sees no future with?

Find out in the final installment of this smoking hot series, This Could Be Us But You Still Thuggin’ 2.


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