The Throne

By Cole Hart

For years, Falisa Walker stood in the shadows of her husband, Timbo, as he ruled over their drug empire. They lived lavishly, as King and Queen, while calling the shots from New York to Augusta, Georgia. Their Columbian connect in Miami, ensured their place at the top of the game.

They were living the dream; until the feds raided their mansion. They snatched Falisa and her husband from their home, leaving their twelve-year-old son to hold down the Throne. He did everything his father asked. He even placing his own life in jeopardy to prove his capabilities of walking in the shoes his parents left for him.

One simple mistake turned their entire family upside down leaving their son to swim in the waters with the Great Whites. Loyalties are tested, and bonds are strained as young Fly learns that the road to the throne is no cakewalk.



About the Author

Author Cole Hart was born and raised in Augusta Georgia, at the age of twenty-four he made a life changing decision that cost him many years of his life to the Georgia prison system. But it took that for him to turn his life around. While incarcerated he fell in love with reading, then he found some his favorite authors like Sidney Sheldon, James Patterson, Dan Brown and John Grisham. After years of studying his favorites he wrote his first book with pen and paper. From that point on he wrote twenty books in prison and started his own publishing called Cole Hart Signature. He was released in March of 2018 and continued his writing and publishing business. Cole Hart is now home and resides in Atlanta Georgia. He has released his first African American christian fiction novel called The Sunday school Teacher 1&2. Now with nearly fifty authors under his umbrella. To this day, people ask him how did he do it. And his reply was. Pray every morning and night. Stay focused, stay consistent, keep God first and remain humble even when it seems as if the world is crumbling around you.
African American Urban Fiction

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