The Committed Side Chick: Amira & Grip Story

By Tina Marie

Amira is the princess of the McKenzie family. What she wanted is what she got, except the one thing that was out of everyone’s control. After helping to break her own heart, she thought her new man was the answer to all her problems. At least until Grip comes back into her life. Will she choose the man she still loves or the one she is with?

Grip was serious about his money and killing anyone who got in the way of making it. He never planned to fall in love with his best friend’s sister. But Amira did something to his soul. Nothing good lasts forever, and one fateful night shrouded in secrets and pain ruins his good thing. Being in Amira’s presence, once again, has Grip determined to get her back. But will his girlfriend let him go a second time?

When secrets are ignored and locked away, chaos follows. Can this couple make it through? Join the McKenzies on this final ride to see if love conquers all!

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About the Author

Aside from being an author with the infamous Cole Hart Presents, Tina Marie whose real name is Tina Marie Turner is a mother of two, a Nineteen-year-old daughter and an Eight-year-old son all while climbing the professional ranks with 5LINX Enterprises, where she supports the companies’ top earners. When asked what she would tell her readers in reference to them following their own dreams, she said, “When following your dreams, realize from the start it will be a difficult journey. Dreams are built over time with hard work, persistence, sweat and many tears.” Tina Marie didn’t always have it easy. Originally from Kingston, Jamaica she came to New York as a child and grew up in extreme poverty. As a teenager, she put herself through college while having her daughter at a young age and working two full-time jobs. Tina now has an A.A in Humanities and Social Science and a B.A. in English Literature with a teaching degree and will be finished with her Masters in International Business in 2016. When asked about her own dreams Tina lets us know she wrote and re-wrote her first novel, changing the title, the chapters, and even the content several times. In fact, an entire chapter, the first one was re-written just one day before it went to the printer. However, she pressed on. Tina states, “My dreams did not come to me. I had to come to them. To all of my readers, go get your dreams.”

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