That's My Type 2: A Hood Love Story

By Jammie Jaye

That’s My Type 2: A Hood Love Story. When a woman finds her type, she finds a good thing. Ain’t that what people say? Will Peaches finally found her type the day that she found Cream. Finally living the life that she dreamed about, she never expected the nightmares that were about to come her way.

Creams past becomes a problem in more ways than one. When his exes plan to get him back become more than little games, will he be able to keep Peaches safe? Or will Nadia once again win the day?

Heartbreak, emotional pain, physical pain are all things that Nellie experienced while with Clay. After running away and making a new life with her new man Puff, she thought that things were finally working in her favor. That was until Clay showed up and does the unthinkable. Will Puff be the man she needs through the storm of Clay? Or will she once again experience unimaginable pain? Find out in That’s My Type 2: A Hood Love Story by Jammie Jaye.

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