That D Hit Different When He Broke

By Shontaiye Moore

From authors Shanice B. & Shontaiye Moore comes a new, titillating, urban romance series that’s full of heartbreak, drama, betrayal, and page-turning romance.

Lexi Harris is a twenty-five-year-old salon owner, thriving in the city of Atlanta. Despite her upbringing and financial success, Lexi still finds herself dealing with worthless men and their womanizing ways. She once openly criticized women who put up with foolishness. But now, she’s become the woman that she once criticized. Her latest boyfriend, Andre, is rugged, charming, but he struggles in the monetary department. Although Andre and Lexi haven’t been dating long, she quickly finds herself immersed in drama because of their relationship. He barely works, he lies, and he brings unthinkable chaos into Lexi’s once-quiet life. Despite Dre’s obvious shortcomings, Lexi continues to look the other way. No matter what he does, Dre continues to talk his way back into her bed. How much can Lexi take is the question. Or is the wood so good that she’s willing to take whatever he throws her way?

He loves me, he loves me not, is something twenty-six-year-old Nivea Johnson constantly finds herself wondering when it comes to her son’s father, Kyree. He’s not only emotionally manipulative, but he’s a liar, a cheater, and undeniably toxic. Time after time, he proves to be no good for her. She knows this, her family knows this, but for some reason, Nivea still can’t seem to let him go. She’s drawn to him, and despite knowing that she needs to walk away from Kyree, her heart and body refuse. She continues to turn a blind eye to his faults until an unexpected tragedy forces her to open her eyes. Will Nivea make the choice that’s long overdue? Or will she continue to let Kyree’s false promises and bedroom performance cloud her judgment?

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About the Author

I’m Shontaiye Moore. I was recently signed to Cole Hart Signature Novels. Writing is my passion. I’ve been an avid reader since i was around five or six years old. By around seven or eight I began making up my own stories to tell my family. I have a B.S. in Business and will eventually have a Masters in Communication from La Salle University in Philadelphia. I write mostly Street-Lit, Urban Fiction, and Women’s Fiction. I love emails and messages. Questions, Comments, Book Ideas, hit me up. Facebook at and

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