Team Us: A Hood Love Story

By Myeisha Newton
From author Myeisha Newton comes a gripping, yet heartfelt  new urban romance series. This drama filled novel, Team Us: A Hood Love Story, will have you hooked from the first page until the very last.

When a woman has been broken by a man once or twice, possibly even more, it’s hard for her to keep on believing, wishing, or even wanting to have love or be in love. Love can be a curse or a blessing to a woman, and figuring out which one it can be after a heartbreak tends to be too much of a risk to figure out all over again.

Sage Lovett is a twenty-two-year-old single mother of twins that has the word Love spelled out in her last name but doesn’t believe that she’ll ever be a woman that truly falls in love. Her traumatic and inescapable past has turned her into a hardened woman. She rarely trusts anyone, especially not with her heart. She made a promise to herself at a young age that she’ll never again give a man the key to her heart or depend on anyone when she’s capable of doing everything on her own, struggling or not. That’s at least her mindset before Chance Cooley steps into her life and makes her reconsider that once promise she swore never to break.

Chance Cooley is a man that had his whole life planned out; however, when his entire future crashes over a lie at the age of eighteen, it landed him in a cell in prison. After too many years of his life lost, he has to step back into the world, adjusting and building himself back up at the age of twenty-five. Sage and Chance come across each other, and they immediately catch one another’s attention, whether it’s for better or worse. Both of them don’t have their minds set on a relationship or even love. But their undeniable connection gravitates them to each other. Sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants. Their hearts are calling out for one another, and neither of them is letting up.

What will happen when these two put their trust issues to the side and open up to one another? Will they both realize that they’re meant to be together? Or will they both feel like cupid made a mistake shooting his arrows at them?

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