Team Us 3: A Hood Love Story

By Myeisha Newton

Just when Sage and Chance are back together and happily living life as a couple, the unexpected tragedy falls upon Sage and those around her. In Sage’s defense, she just didn’t know exactly what she was wishing for when she wanted Ricardo to come at her again and stop hiding. Because she didn’t at all prepare for something so drastic, such as the car accident that ended up having her kidnapped and Sia, by the looks of it, hanging on by a thread fighting for her life. Knowing most of the cards Sage and even Chance were dealt in life, what has occurred shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, bad things always tend to happen to good people, but it’s real unfortunate that it does.

The news that has been sprung on Chance has him more in disbelief than when he was given his prison sentence within a court. He really might have fathered a child without a single clue. Then on top of that, Sage’s safety is still unknown to him. What will unravel when he finds out that Ricardo has successfully gotten Sage back in his presence? This couple has an undying love between one another, and it seems that they must go through a few more obstacles to get their possible happily ever after. If there’s one thing anyone should know about love is that it’s been said time and time again that it can conquer anything, but how true is that? Will Sage and Chance’s love conquer the deadly force that’s tended to destroy everything they built up in having with each other? Ricardo has struck once more, and he’s out to make it his final time doing so, and the burning question is will he succeed in doing just that?

This love story can end with a beautiful and loving conclusion, or it can instead end like another tragic and heartbreaking love story. Find out the true ending in the final installment of Team Us: A Hood Love Story; it’ll be one last and unforgettable spiraling ride with Chance and Sage.

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