Someone To Call Bae

By Siren

From Cole Hart Signature’s newest author Siren comes a gripping, yet heartfelt new urban romance series. This drama filled hood love story, Someone To Call Bae, will have you hooked from the first page until the very last.

Life never goes as plan and Jaya Mitchell is learning that by the day. Especially when she finds out her best friend is sleeping with her husband. Jaya is now homeless and pregnant and has no choice but to move back home. But with all the pain that Jaya has endured there is a love at the end of the tunnel. But love doesn’t come easy.

Isaiah “Ice” Green was living his life as the plug. But when his long-time crush, comes back to Miami things get complicated. Ice wants to be with Jaya but secret after secret wreaks havoc and their love may not weather the storm.

Shawnie Mitchell fresh out of prison is looking to do things different with his life. While he doesn’t knock his boy, Ice for continuing to sale drugs, Shawnie wants to go legit. Although Shawnie is striving to stay out of prison, his personal life is another story. Every woman in his life is causing nothing but chaos, from trying to help his cousin Jaya to the women he deals with. Caught between two women, the one that holds his heart and the one that never switched up, Shawnie must figure out who is the right one.

Follow the first installment of Someone To Call Bae, a three-part series full of secrets and love. Every woman wants to have someone to call bae, but sometimes you have to go through hell to have it.

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