Someone To Call Bae 3

By Siren
Sharing a baby daddy with her dead sister is the least of Jaya Mitchell’s problems. She really thought moving back home to Miami was the best decision. But she and her relationship with Ice has been tried through the fire, time and time again. Between her dad getting out of prison and relationship woes, Jaya is overwhelmed just to stay afloat. But things go from bad to worse as a new man enters her life, making things complicated.
Tia Green has been hiding so many secrets from her son, Ice, and as much as she wants to reveal the truth, she can’t. Tia loves her kids, and her decision to continue to bury the truth may cost her everyone around her.
Shawnie Mitchell has made his decision to be with Dejah. However, one night of passion with his ex, Keisha, has him rethinking his decisions. He makes a move to be with Keisha. The only problem is Keisha has moved on. And one sneaky link isn’t stopping her from saying “I do” to her fiancé.
Jayson Mitchell has done a lot of dirt, and all he wants to do is rebuild his life and apologize to everyone he has hurt; especially, the woman that holds his heart, Tia. Though for Jayson, the only person standing in his way is Tia’s brother, Ace.
There’s only one ride left on this roller-coaster of drama and lies. And this finale guarantees to have you on the edge of your seat. Each of these individuals wants someone to call bae, but it’s looking like that won’t be happening, especially with Ace hell-bent on making Jayson and everyone around him pay for Jayson killing his dad. And the way secrets keep pouring out that no one may be left standing. So buckle up and see if the Mitchell family finds love or will their lives be simply a work of fiction.

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