Ridin' Dirty With A Down South Millionaire 3

By Dejah Rice

Munchie walks into a world full of drugs and money blindly. After facing the consequences of riding for the wrong thug, she embraces the hood love that’s given to her by his best friend. Cheating wasn’t on the agenda, but neither was getting her hands dirty. Unable to walk away with no strings attached, she finds herself facing a difficult decision. Who will she ultimately ride for… her husband, his best friend, or herself?

Bishop has never been one to give his heart away, and when he does, he feels like he’s stabbed right in it. All the money in the world can’t heal a broken heart, and all the drugs in the world can’t give him the same high. But the one thing that can satisfy him is also the one thing that can destroy him. He’s never had a love so real, but what happens when he realizes it’s all a lie?

In this anticipated finale, shocking truths will be revealed. Hearts will be broken and healed, and love will be questioned and used as a weapon. The last ride is here, and just because someone’s in your car, it doesn’t mean they’re riding for you.

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