Messin' Around With A Hood Boss

By Quanna Lashae

When it comes to love and friendships, they say you shouldn’t mix the two. But for twenty-eight-year-old Keysha Hendricks and her best friend Ja’dantey “Kash” Kersey, things were different. Their love was different, so to speak. For years, they’ve been by each other’s side through thick and thin through some of the lowest, grimiest points in life. They both had to learn to fend for themselves, being tossed around from foster homes and state custody care at an early age.

With Kash being a little older, he found himself being sort of a protector for her throughout their entire lives. The streets taught them how to be tough and form walls that were more solid than any force known to man. As they grew into adulthood, they both struggled to form separate relationships with people. Trust has never been given easily from either of them until they both found themselves in cupid’s path. Keysha, however, had feelings deeper than what he knew but had been suppressing them for years. Soon, a major come up falls into their laps, making them the envy of the hood. Together they form a power crew, and things go smoother than ever until they don’t.

Living their best life, the best friends try to be there for one another. However, outside forces and situations lurk around them, causing them and their crew to clash. Still struggling from the grips of the hood, they both find themselves in less than reputable drama and situations. Keysha sees that Kash is slipping and calls him out on his BS but unbeknownst to him, she too has been harboring dirty secrets.

Power, money, and respect are seen as good things. But for them, all it does is bring a whirlwind of drama. They both find themselves in a constant battle, from jealousy to hurt to danger creeping on them at every turn. They soon realize that blood ain’t no thicker than water, and friends aren’t always who they seem. With Keysha and Kash denying their love for each other, then dealing with the rest of the enemies they’ve created, will they remain at the top? Or will it all fall down?

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About the Author

Quanna Lashae was born and raised in a small town in Virginia, where she found a love of reading and writing at an early age. In fact, she turned to the pen to escape the harsh realities of life and wrote her first short story at the age of 10, and read different books each week. After relocating to another state alone starting life, and having her first child, she lost her way for reading and writing but still enjoyed it. After dealing with many of life’s challenges, she began to write again to take away the stress. She wrote her first book The Power of Our Love and submitted it to a major urban publishing company, which she stayed under for a while and then found a permanent publishing home. She is constantly working on different books each month and plans to be a voice for many of her readers, who go through life’s obstacles. “I write real life and fantasies, let’s be honest they both happen on a daily basis. Why ignore it?” –Quanna Lashae.

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