Messin' Around With A Hood Boss 2

By Quanna Lashae

If being thrown under the bus was a person, there’d be several people fighting for the crown.

Kash finds himself between a rock and a hard place, or should we say a few rocks. Just as he and the crew begin to enjoy their come up, all hell seems to break loose on every turn. With the revelation coming to light between him and sisters Niya and Remy, how will he get himself out of this mess? After finally crawling out of the toxic affairs between the sisters, he tries to refocus on the more important issues at hand, such as whether or not Niya’s baby is his and who’s stealing from them. Not only do they have a snake to weed out, but personal relationships are also tested.

Niya isn’t taking the breakup well but finds herself being entertained by the washed-up baller who, unbeknownst to her, is not who he seems. Still, she is desperate to make Kash’s life hell. Kash, meanwhile, struggles to watch the ultimate love of his life be woo’d by his best friend, which causes a ruffle in their relationship. He realizes she should be his, and she realizes the same.

Day by day, more secrets, lies, and drama unfold surrounding them all, but the worst betrayal is yet to come. Remy’s heart is also hurting, and her revenge hits below the belt, along with another person Kash thought he could trust. Jealousy is apparent when bullets fly and hit the wrong people. Will this crew end up back at the bottom where they started? Grab a snack and some wine, or whatever your preference is for entertainment… because this hood boss drama is only just getting started.

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About the Author

Quanna Lashae was born and raised in a small town in Virginia, where she found a love of reading and writing at an early age. In fact, she turned to the pen to escape the harsh realities of life and wrote her first short story at the age of 10, and read different books each week. After relocating to another state alone starting life, and having her first child, she lost her way for reading and writing but still enjoyed it. After dealing with many of life’s challenges, she began to write again to take away the stress. She wrote her first book The Power of Our Love and submitted it to a major urban publishing company, which she stayed under for a while and then found a permanent publishing home. She is constantly working on different books each month and plans to be a voice for many of her readers, who go through life’s obstacles. “I write real life and fantasies, let’s be honest they both happen on a daily basis. Why ignore it?” –Quanna Lashae.

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