Married To The Don Of New Orleans 2

By Miss Jazzie

In this second installment, the Krewe takes the high road to California for a change of scenery. With enemies unknown behind them, they seek refuge with Magnolia and his family. Ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun is what New Orleanians say when the shoe is on the other foot. One should always remember to keep your enemies closer. Still, nothing could prepare the Krewe of Endymion to feel the effects of just how much weight that cliché held.

Grela has her own agenda for KOE by using her daughter as a pawn in their game of chess but didn’t think matters of the heart would be considered too. Which side will Khency choose? The good or the bad? Secrets are revealed, snakes rear their ugly heads, and heads are decapitated. When your back is against the wall, will you follow your heart or eat with the snakes? Who will reign queen, and who will fall in line with the peasants?

Find out what happens in this second installment as Endymion, Nemesis, and  Zulu find out who is for the Krewe and who is definitely against it.

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