Married To The Boss Of Atlanta 3

By Dani Littlepage

Bestselling author, Dani Littlepage returned with her finale, Married To The Boss Of Atlanta 3! This gripping, African American Urban Romance drama will conclude in ways you’d never expect!

In the final installment, Married to The Boss of Atlanta 3, the rollercoaster ride continues where the second installment left off. With Richard dead and his son on the run, Karl is having a difficult time handling the situations at hand and the phone call that he received from Maggie asking for his forgiveness did not make things any better. When he learns that Maggie murdered his son, Kane, in cold blood, Karl is on the verge of falling apart. With Karl having to bury his best friend and son in the same month, he distances himself from the company; a company he and Richard had worked so hard to build. But when he learns that someone is using his deceased friend’s account information to view his company’s information, Karl searches for the person who is responsible. He ends up getting the shock of his life.

Camilla’s life turned upside down since the passing of her father. After being M.I.A. for a week, she decided to link up with Karl; she needed his help with the funeral arrangements for Richard. While there, she learns about her mother’s murderous act towards Kane. Stunned by the news, yet Camilla was unphased about her ex-husband being gone. However, when her son, Kannon discovers it, it breaks her heart. With the traumatic events surrounding her, it becomes impossible for her to be excited about her engagement and pregnancy to the love of her life, Rafiq. Learning that her soon-to-be husband is having thoughts about returning to the streets shatters her world. His plan is fueled by him feeling like he can’t provide for his family. Camilla provides him with loving words of encouragement. But is it enough to keep Rafiq from returning to his old life?

Rafiq tries to be strong for his pregnant fiancé and Kannon. Yet, he can’t help but to feel like he’s not doing enough for his family. Realizing that Camilla had men in her life that could provide her with a luxurious life, Rafiq began feeling like he can’t give her the life that she was once accustomed to. Although he’s co-owner of the auto shop that he runs with his cousin, Boyce, he believes that money that he’s making there isn’t enough.

Unsure of which path to take, the person that Rafiq has been avoiding for months finally finds him. When Ieasha drops a bomb on him, he doesn’t know what to do, how to feel or if she’s telling the truth. Rafiq decides to investigate and is blown away with the information he finds out; especially, when a blast from his past confirms Ieasha’s story. Undecided about telling his family, he takes matters into his own hands. But will Rafiq come out on top?

The final installment,  Married to The Boss of Atlanta 3 will keep you wanting more from start to finish as this unforgettable ride comes to an end. Find out how things will end with the characters you’ve grown to love in Dani Littlepage’s unputdownable finale.

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