Magnolia & Dior

By Miss Jazzie

‘My life ain’t easy, but I’m living it’ is what I lived by because that’s just the way life went. I had survived many storms, but nothing could have prepared me for what was about to go down behind the pages after this first one.

Betrayal is best served on a silver platter, and that’s just how it was served to me, but it broke me. Had me questioning things that should have never been questioned, hurting people that I held dear to my heart, and ignoring the red flags that I knew would bite me in the ass in the end. It broke me to the point that I didn’t know where to turn. Heartbroken, confused, angry, but never bitter. I took every L and turned them into lessons. This was just another one. I was betrayed by the exact person I put on a pedestal so high she was sitting with God. She took something from me that I could never get back, and I respected that and canceled her. I don’t want to give too much away, but if you don’t receive any message from my story, remember this:

It’s the person that you are willing to die for that kills you in the end.

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