It's His Savage Love For Me

By Dani Littlepage & Tina Marie

It’s His Savage Love For Me: The Atlanta Edition

With a successful career, a beautiful home, a luxury car, and money in the bank, Sybil—a youthful thirty-five-year-old woman—seemed to have it all. After being alone for nearly five years, her dull life and home suddenly filled with love and laughter when Wyatt, her twenty-year-old son, comes to visit her in Atlanta for the summer. When he informs her that he’s coming with a friend, Sybil wasn’t expecting a cocky, arrogant, young, yet handsome man by the name of Jace to get under her skin. While dating a man that can’t sexually satisfy her, an argument leaves her man-less and sexless. When Jace reveals that he wants to be the man to fulfill her sexual desires, Sybil is taken aback; however, is intrigued by the offer.

Jace, a twenty-one-year-old college student, and the best friend of Wyatt is hyped about spending his summer in Atlanta. Ready to turn up and stack money with his right-hand man, he wasn’t expecting Wyatt’s mom to be as sexy as she was. After overhearing a conversation between Sybil and her besties, he decides to make his move on her. After giving Wyatt his word that he wouldn’t try anything with Sybil, he’s willing to risk his friendship to help her with her sexual frustrations.

Will Sybil give into the young and handsome Jace? Or will she find another way to relieve her sexual frustrations? It’s His Savage Love for Me: Atlanta Edition will keep you wanting more. Find out what happens between Sybil and Jace in the unputdownable novel.


It’s His Savage Love For Me: The New York City Edition

Ma’Kenna is one of those pretty girls who doesn’t know she is pretty. If it isn’t about her daughter Sierra or her schoolwork she doesn’t give it her energy. At least until she meets famous rapper and known bad boy Messiah. But being with Messiah would mean fighting demons from her past and compromising her goals for the future.

Messiah is known more for his ruthless behavior than his multi-platinum records. He is a man who doesn’t let the fame and money change who he is, and that means he refuses to leave the street mentality behind. Ma’Kenna served a purpose in his life, but for some reason he wants her around for more than business. But her past and his secrets may be too much for their relationship to overcome.

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