It's His Other Baby Mamas For Me

By Theresa Reese & Tasha Mack

From the authors Theresa Reese & Tasha Mack comes an enthralling, smokin’ hot, new, three-part, urban romance series. The drama filled novel, It’s His Other Baby Mama’s For Me, will have you hooked from the first page until the very last.

Isa was never given a pass in life. At eighteen, she should have been living wild and free; yet, she was being forced to become an adult sooner than expected. Raised by a single parent, Isa was her mother’s pride and joy. Although, for reasons, Isa was not proud of. On the verge of a breakdown, Isa gets put in a position where running is all she knows. That’s until running is no longer an option. Meeting a Perry brother wasn’t what she envisioned as her saving grace, but the timing was perfect, or so she thought.

Zane is the youngest of the Perry brothers. He’s what you would consider a hothead. Meeting his son’s mother, Tayvin, was a blessing. She saved him from the streets and taught him the ways of life. Owning a business at just twenty-two made Zane a hot commodity. He was raised to handle his business and take care of the home. However, when he’s placed in the middle of deciding where home is, Zane is forced to deal with the consequences of his actions. With multiple baby mamas and a bunch of sleepless nights, Zane has to figure out who is worth losing and who is worth keeping.

Ryleigh didn’t have what you would call a fairytale life. Growing up, she spent her years coming into womanhood behind bars. As a result, her mother refused to be in her life. When she is finally released, she has to navigate through life as best she can—with the guidance of her older sister Remi. While trying to stay focused on making a life for herself, Ryleigh stumbles across one of the infamous Perry brothers and vows to stay away from his kind. They say, never say never because sometimes, fate has other plans.

Zay, the oldest of the crew, was the type who could have any woman he wanted. After getting shot, his son’s mother, Leah, stays by his side and nurses him back to health. In return, he feels forever indebted to her. Unfortunately, her loyalty is simply not enough to make Zay love her.
Once he meets Ryleigh, he is immediately intrigued by her determination to make something of herself, despite the odds being stacked against her. With everyone advising him against pursuing Ryleigh, Zay sets out to show her that he’s different. Instead, he is thrown a few curveballs in the process, which causes him to regress. It was always said that the truth would set you free. Though, in Zay’s case, the truth threatens to turn his whole life upside down. Will Zay continue to build on a foundation of lies? Or will he do the right thing?

Theresa Reese and Tasha Mack deliver yet another riveting, captivating drama-filled story of baby mamas, secret lovers, and the men who love them.


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