Issa Hood Love Story: Riley & Chance

By Yona Pearson

Living in the fast streets of Philly, Riley manages to stay your average girl. Her mother and brother’s death, alongside her father’s drug habit, keeps her from living life to the fullest. Saving herself for the right one and staying out of harm’s way for her seemed to work, but that all changes when she meets the guy begging for a chance to be in her dull life.

Chance is your normal hood boy; fast money excites him more than anything. He takes everything serious and his always ready to go to war mentality is what keeps him in trouble. Crossing paths with Riley was never in his plans. Riley felt she would never find love, especially from someone so handsome, so kind, so settled; life has become so perfect. In her eyes, everything is beginning to fall into place for her loveless life. Riley quickly realizes how fast little problems can be blown out of proportion and made into major complications.

As situations grow, becoming a victim to someone else’s problems take its course. Will Riley be able to handle the new life she has entered or will she leave it all behind her? Will she find her hood love or will the hood snatch love away from her, again?

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