In Love With His Drug Money

By Chante Amor

Zoë James is the envy of every woman around her, living the life that most only dream of. Being Bilal Washington’s girl affords her with a certain lifestyle and the perks to match but, in the midst of having money and status, she can’t help but want more. When Nyle walks into her life, she realizes the one thing she’s been missing all along.

Bilal Washington knows he’s powerful and practically has the world at his fingertips and, even though he has everything a man could ever want, he still has an insatiable desire for more and decides that his exclusive relationship with Zoë isn’t enough. He decides to add the sexy bombshell Gizelle to the mix, but his greed lands him in a world of trouble even he hadn’t planned on.

Zoë forms an unexpected bond with Nyle, while Bilal finds himself in the stickiest situation of them all. Will Zoë follow her heart or her pockets? Will Bilal be able to juggle a relationship with two women?

In Love With His Drug Money is full of relationship issues, drama, and real-life takeaways that will keep you captivated until the very end.

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