In Love With A Down South Hoodlum 3

By Mz. Biggs

In a perfect world, Lyn and Corde’ would have their happy ending. How is that possible with Logic still lurking in the shadows?  

During the second installment of this 5-star series, Lyn wanted to do the right thing. She allowed the man that betrayed her to continue to leave even though she knew it could be the worst mistake of her life. She quickly learned to regret it when she received the best news of her life, only for it to be disrupted by an unexpected text.  How will she handle Logic reappearing in her life?

Corde’ (Day-Day) is more than happy to learn that the life he always wanted is about to come true. Stepping away from the street life to focus on his family, he finds his life disrupted once again. He begins to question whether he left the streets a little too soon. With threats still coming his way, he has to make his next move, his best move.

Logic opts to stay away from Lyn so he could keep his life. However, there isn’t a move she makes that he isn’t aware of. Going back on his word, he soon finds that even with him not being a part of Lyn’s life the way he wants to be, he is still a detriment to her. Will he be able to protect her the way he promised, or will he have to disappear for good?

Nayonni (Yo-Yo) takes a step out of her comfort zone to find love again. This time, it’s with the one person nobody would expect.  Happy with her relationship, the best way she knows to make it last is by keeping it a secret. Chico doesn’t agree. He hits her with an ultimatum to announce their relationship to the world or lose him for good. What will her decision be?

This final decision of In Love With A Down South Hoodlum will have you on the edge of your seat guessing what is to come. Nothing is what it seems as new drama erupts and new characters hit the scene. Will the couples survive, or will they learn that nothing good can come from loving a down south hoodlum?

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About the Author

Crystal Biggs ‘Mz. Biggs’ (formerly Crystal Lett) was raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, in a small town known as Moss Point. After graduating high school in 2002, she went on to get her Bachelors in Social Work in 2005 from Jackson State University and Masters in Social Work in 2006, also from Jackson State University. Currently residing in Jackson, MS, she is a Licensed Master Social Worker. She is also presently working on her Doctoral Degree in Social Work and is a member of the prestigious sorority: Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. Mz. Biggs is the mother of three: De’Miktric Jr., Allanah, and Kaiden. Facing her own personal struggles, reading became an outlet for her. It served as a stress reliever and opened her mind to a world of endless possibilities. Eventually, it led to her becoming a publisher author. Mz. Biggs is the author of the following series: See What Had Happened Was: A Contemporary Love Story (Books 1-3), Yearning For The Taste of A Bad Boy (Books 1-3), Dirty South: A Dope Boy Love Story (Book 1), Falling For A Dope Boy (Books 1-3), Feenin’ For That Thug Lovin (Books 1-3), A Bossed-Up Valentine’s (Anthology), Jaxson and Giah: An Undeniable Love (Books 1-2), Finding My Rib: A Complicated Love Story (Book 1), In Love With My Cuddy Buddy (Books (1-2), Your Husband’s Cheating On Us (Books 1-3), From Cuddy Buddy To Wifey: Levi and Raven’s Story (Standalone/Collaboration), In Love With My Father’s Boyfriend (Standalone); Your Husband’s Calling Me Wifey (Standalone), She’s Not Just A Snack… She’s A Whole Buffet: BBWs Do It Better (Standalone), Blood Over Loyalty: A Brother’s Betrayal (Standalone/Collaboration), Married To The Community Dick (Books 1-2), Downgraded From Wifey To Mistress (Books 1-3), A Mother’s Prayer (Books 1-2), Heart Of A Champion… Mind Of A Killer (Standalone), Turned Out By My Husband’s Best Man (Standalone), Ain’t No Lovin’ Like Jacktown Lovin’ On The 4th Of July (Novella), This Is Why I Love You (Novella), The Hood Was My Claim To Fame (Novella/Collaboration), A Killer Valentine’s (Anthology), Tantalizing Temptations In New Orleans (Novella), Santa Blessed Me With A Jacktown Boss (Novella), Diamonds and Pearls (Standalone), Pregnant By My Best Friend’s Husband (Books 1-2), Wifed Up By A Down South Bose (The Ultimate Thug Love Collection), Creepin’ With The Plug Next Door (Books 1-3), Crushin’ On A Dope Boy: Cashae and Tay’s Story, and Creepin’ With My Coworker (Book 1). Currently, Mz. Biggs is signed to Cole Hart Signature. She also had her own publishing company, Biggs Publishing Group, LLC (BPG). Mz. Biggs lives by the thought, “The only person that can stop you from achieving success is YOU!” Through writing, she hopes to bring as much entertainment to the lives of others as the books she has read along the way have brought her.

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