I'm Just Doin' Me 2: A Baby Mama Drama

By Kevina Hopkins & Yona Pearson

From authors Kevina Hopkins & Yona Pearson comes a remarkably unputdownable, gripping urban romance sequel, I’m Just Doin’ Me 2: A Baby Mama Drama. 

This drama felt story picks right back up where it left off. While hearts were broken, some were put back together. Omar is trying to recover physically; yet, each day his heart is toyed with more and more. The thought of changing his ways crosses his mind, but it quickly leaves when he’s helplessly left to deal with his best friend and the girl he wants to be with more than anything, starting a relationship that pushed him closer to Skyler.

Skyler is no longer living in the shadows of Unique and is finally showing her true colors. Knowing that she now has the man she always wanted, Skyler takes the initiative to finally change. However, somewhere down the line, she gives up on herself. Omar sees her downfall and isn’t too sure this is the girl he wants to be with.

Zenovia resurfaces from hiding and tries to keep her secret from getting out. While spending some much-needed time with her, father things turn into a disaster. In a swift second, she’s put into a situation where she may have to go back into hiding.

Unique continues to be tested in every way possible. While she’s trying to be the bigger person in each situation, things just become too hectic, and she finds herself just doing her.

With everyone trying to better themselves and simply falling short due to problems being pushed to the side, things continue to get steamy for everyone. Will newly made couples lose? Or will the pressure from the past bust hopes and dreams? Nothing and no one could prepare for the twist and turns thrown their way. Will everyone reach a level where they need to be? Or do they find themselves just doing them?


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