Hoodwives & Rich Thugs of New York

By Chante Amor

Aaliyah Devoe was away at college when she got a dreaded phone call that her mother was on her way back to prison for a parole violation. She had to drop out of college and take care of her six year old twin sisters, so they wouldn’t be placed in foster care.
The only real family they had lived in New York, so Aaliyah uprooted the twins, and they went to stay with her Aunt Jackie and cousin Peaches. College life had become a distant memory. Now, her main focus had become getting a job and finding a place of her own. Since Aaliyah was on a mission, she didn’t have time for any distractions, which included men. Street dudes had been her biggest distraction in the past. She vowed to keep her mind on her goals while she lived in the Big Apple.
Aaliyah’s life changed the moment Armani Jordan laid eyes on her. He was a smooth talking, New York raised, rich thug with neatly twisted dreads and a million dollar smile. He was feeling her and he intended on making her wifey. Their love blossomed quickly. She was his queen and he was her king.
While focusing on his love life, Armani continued to deal with a cluster of street problems. He was about to get the biggest shipment of his life, when two of his soldiers were shot. He has no clue who could have done it. Is someone in his camp? Will he figure out who shot his soldiers? Or will the person who shot them get to him first?

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