Hoodwives & Rich Thugs of Atlanta

By Twyla T

Upstanding. Beautiful. Privileged. Sheltered. These are perfect adjectives to describe the Woods sisters, Aubrey and Melody.
On the flip side…
Handsome. Street Smart. Rich. Thuggish. That’s what you get when you see best friends, Trent and Eugene. Known to the streets as Trigga and Gino.
When good girls get a taste for Savage, Rich Thugs… all of the rules are broken and nothing will ever be the same because drama, secrets, and lies will be at an all-time high.
Award-winning and best-selling authors Twyla T and Patrice Balark teamed up again to bring you this unforgettable new series about what happens when opposites not only attract, but when they explode as well throughout the streets of Atlanta.

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About the Author

To date, Twyla T has over two dozen published books with “We Both Can’t Be Bae” being her debut novel that lit up the Urban & Romance charts. All of her series have been best-selling novels, and she is currently working on more to deliver to the wonderful readers around the world. Twyla resides in Mississippi with her beautiful daughter, Amyra. In her past time, she enjoys playing softball, she’s an avid football fan, loves spending time with family and friends, and of course, reading and writing. Finally taking the time to sit down and write and becoming a published author has been a dream come true to her. She says that “the journey has been exciting and satisfying all because of God and her awesome support system.” Twyla is so grateful to be able to finally do what she loves. Far too many people have encouraged and inspired her to name each of you one by one, but she appreciates and loves each one of you wholeheartedly. It is her hope that each of you enjoys her books as much as she enjoys writing them. Twyla would like to thank each of you for taking a chance on her.

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