He's My Thug, I'm His Peace

By Theresa Reese

An intensely captivating romance that’ll leave you breathless…

He’s My Thug, I’m His Peace by Theresa Reese follows the love story of two lovers from conflicting backgrounds.

Young, smart, pretty, and never breaking any rules. Well, almost never. Lucy Hinton is the epitome of a good girl and in her eyes, the only type of man she needed was one from the cloth. Lou, as her family calls her, fell head over heels for Pastor Hassel. She quickly learned that everything that glitters ain’t gold. Her life takes a turn for the worst when secrets began to fall straight from the pulpit.

Handsome, smart, thuggish, and a street king, Asaad Daniels is only focused on getting and keeping money. The streets had taught him that women always ended up being a man’s biggest downfall, so he never took any of them seriously. He had always been a hit it and quit it type dude; however, the first time he laid eyes on Lou, something inside of him shifted a little. He didn’t know if she was another man’s wife or not. But then again, he didn’t care.
Men lie. Men cheat.
Women lie. Women cheat.
Today’s world was a fashion show. And nearly everyone wanted to be in a relationship with someone that had money or looked like they had it.

Two independent souls from two different worlds cross paths and their lives change forever. Author Theresa Reese takes you on a roller coaster ride in the first installation of her riveting new series, He’s My Thug, I’m His Peace, where secrets unravel, loyalty is tested, and some lives may be lost. Can Lou be the peace that this thug needs? Every relationship deserves a second chance if it’s really true love.
Or maybe…Not.

Find out what happens in this new women’s fiction love story.


About the Author

Since 2015, Theresa Reese Kirk, Theresa Reese, penned various creative bodies of work from poetry and self-help to urban lit and urban romance. From the streets of the Bronx, New York, Theresa gives writing her all through page-turning reads that have readers wanting more from daring plot twists to conquering love. After self-publishing six novels, Theresa Reese signed with Cole Hart Signature in 2019, joining a platform of esteemed authors.

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