Giving My Heart To A Chi-Town Menace: Real & Nova Story

By J. Dominique

Bestselling author J. Dominique pens a remarkably unputdownable urban romance standalone. This hot new spinoff is full of deceit, new love, heartbreak, and loads of drama.

Young, handsome, talented, and rich are the words that came to mind when describing Real. Growing up with a brother like True, certain things are inevitable, and he’s inherited both the good and the bad. Having his share of women isn’t new to Real, and with the way his career is taking off, he has no intentions on slowing down anytime soon. There is only one problem, and her name is Nova.

Being in love has taught Nova one thing and one thing only, and that is that love doesn’t love nobody. She’s watched almost every woman in her family get played, mistreated, and done wrong all for the love of a man. But even that hasn’t stopped her from falling into the same trap. It only takes her one time to learn though. After her first and only love breaks her heart, she makes it her business to never fall again. That is until a night out changes everything, but will it be a change for the better? Or will it end the same as always?

True and Melanie are the perfect couple. After a whirlwind romance with a few bumps along the way, their love seems stronger than ever. However, between growing businesses and crazy exes, will they be able to weather the storm? Or will problems arise that may ruin what they’ve worked so hard to build?

In this spinoff we’re catching up with the crew, and the bombs that are dropping are too good to miss.

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About the Author

J. Dominique was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, Illinois. Throughout her life she has always found reading to be therapeutic and had often tried her hand at writing a book of her own. It wasn’t until 2016 that she decided to seriously pursue a writing career. Since then she has released a total of 14 books including titles such as “Red & Ricko 1-3, and The Coldest Savage Stole My Heart 1&2. She currently still resides in Chicago with her 4 children, where she continues to pen more books in hopes of reaching as many fellow book lovers as she can.

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