From Section 8 To Mansion Gates

By Yona, Myeisha Newton, Shaunn Aryande, & Jammie Jaye
From Section 8 To Mansion Gates: The Philly Edition
What do you do when you feel like pain is around every other corner? Well, that’s the life Kennedy lives every day. She can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to this thing called life. After having kids at a young age and thinking she’s found love, her life drastically changes for the worse when she finds out it’s all an illusion.
Kennedy tries to keep her head up high. Yet with every decision she makes, it’s in hopes of bettering herself from the things that are keeping her down. She finds herself on a mission to prove that not every teen mom is a statistic. Life comes with obstacles, but will Kennedy be able to make it through everyone and come out standing tall? Get ready to take the emotional rollercoaster that Kennedy calls life as she tries to go from section 8 to Mansion gates.
From Section 8 to Mansion Gates: The Houston Edition
Olive Price was used to the good life. However, a sudden tragedy forces her and her sister Olivia to fend for themselves. At the tender ages of ten and twelve, they were torn from the city they once called home. After repositioning in Houston, Texas, they met Demetri “Taz” Hawks. 
Taz is the prime example of, get it how you live. He has been raised on survival ever since his mom sold him to her pusher, Petey, for a hit. Since then, he is obligated to do all Petey’s dirty work. He’s ready for anything until he meets Olive and makes a decision that will change his entire life
Olive and Demetri are left to figure this thing called life out together. Demetri’s main goal is to get Olive back to the life she was used to living. Once that does happen, will he be able to maintain her happiness. Is it true that more money brings more problems? Will the lifestyle of the rich and famous—and the temptations that come along with it—tear Olive and Demetri apart? Or is their love strong enough to survive it?
From Section 8 To Mansion Gates: The Charlotte Edition
Nolani Robinson is the definition of a strong and enduring woman. Since the age of fourteen, she has faced many trials and tribulations that you wouldn’t believe. Regardless of her past, it doesn’t stop her from being a hardworking and independent woman. Not to mention, she raises her daughter and little sister all alone. Another troubling event knocks her down—forcing Nolani to revisit some life decisions. This compels her to make some choices that she would’ve never otherwise done. Though out of character, her decisions opened the door to a life-changing opportunity, far better than the one she was going to settle for.
Adwin West is one of the wealthiest black men in America. But he keeps that identity of his under wraps. He decided to make his way back to Charlotte, North Carolina—the place he was uprooted from at a young age, leaving his family and friends behind as his father had risen to fame and secured his riches. His plans of coming back were to work on a new project with his cousin and best friend and to be with his family and grandmother. His plans didn’t change. However, additions were made soon as Nolani and he crossed paths. Adwin is the person who presented Nolani with the opportunity that she would’ve been crazy to turn down. Thing is, she’s not a complete stranger. He always knew of her, she was his childhood crush.
What will become of these two? Has fate brought them together because it’s a meant-to-be kind of thing? Or will it be too much for Nolani, causing her to believe that all the good that came into her life was too good to be true?
From Section 8 To Mansion Gates: The Memphis Edition
Love was the last thing on Jazzlyn’s mind. Her focus was on getting money because of her aspirations of moving her son Jayce out of the projects. She wanted to give him a life she never had. After finding out that Jayce’s father was married, she had to figure life out on her own. Just as she was getting close to her goal, she was set back three steps. She thought life was over for her, but Big Hamp believed differently. He came and showed her that sometimes you got to take a few steps back to move forward.
Miya never thought that Pat would see her as his woman. In her eyes, she would always be just a friend. That all changed the day tragedy struck. That one day change the aspect of their relationship. Things changed, but the question is, did they change for the better? Or for worse?
Jai knew that love was not for her and decided that life was better off the way it was,  manless. That is until DK came in and give her the fulfillment that she was missing. But DK’s mind was on someone else. Stuck between love and lust, what will he do? And who will he choose?

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