Flewed Out By A Chi-Town Boss

By Princess Diamond

Boujee is the one woman that Bandz can’t have because he lied to get her.

Zacari is the only man who can keep Zotica off the pole, shaking her booty.

 Braylen “Bandz” Ballard always felt as if the streets chose him. After the police killed his kingpin father and his mother went to jail, life went from bad to worse. At that point, Bandz and his brother Zacari were going to take over where their parents left off, following in their footsteps selling drugs.

The drug game had been good to them for years. Nevertheless, product was low, associates were stealing, and the connect hadn’t been returning their calls. With the drug supply drying up, Bandz had to do the unthinkable. He reached out to The Chicago Cartel for help. They agreed to meet with him, but at what cost? Will he complete The Cartel’s outrageous hazing, or will he fail, and beg his old connect for another chance?

Bethany “Boujee” Dixon is the one that Bandz felt got away. Instead of keeping it real with her, he lied throughout their relationship. Boujee was the side chick, and it broke her heart when she found out. Dating Bandz ruined her outlook on men. Even though she was now engaged to her fiancé, Lincoln, she still had major trust issues with men. In order for Boujee to move forward, she needs closure from the one who scorned her.

Things quickly speed up when his brother Zacari interviews her sister Zotica for a job. They go from enemies to lovers. They quickly become an item. Their love forces Bandz and Boujee to deal with their relationship issues.

Both couples realize they are meant to be. Things aren’t always easy. Life as they know it will change forever. Manipulation, misunderstandings, and mishaps. Find out what happens when an activist falls for a street king. Find out what happens when a lawyer breaks the law for a stripper chick. Make sure you one-click Flewed Out By A Chi-Town Boss by best-selling author Princess Diamond.

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About the Author

Princess Diamond writes ratchet romance, trap love stories, and urban suspense. Her books will have you hooked on the realistic story plots, addictive drama, and raw details. She started writing at the age of eight as a hobby. After writing passionately for decades, she has decided to share her work with the world.

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