Fallin' For A Down South Country Boy 2

By Dejah Rice

From Dejah Rice comes a drama-filled finale, Fallin’ For A Down South Country Boy 2, full of more secrets, romance, and heartbreak.

Imani is living a picture-perfect life, and planning a future with the devil himself. That is until the truth finally started rolling out. After finding out her boyfriend of three years not only cheated on her with her sister, but he also got her pregnant, Imani decides enough was enough. She leaves him and finds herself falling for someone else quicker than she would like to admit. Just when she starts feeling guilty about how fast her newfound love is moving, more skeletons fall out the closet; which, pushes her deeper into the next man’s arms.

Now that she’s in them, he doesn’t plan to let her go. He isn’t the only one with plans though, because not everyone wants to see them happy. Will Imani and Antwon have a chance at the love they both deserve? Or will things be shaken up so badly that’ll be beyond repair?

In this finale, no one can run from the truth; it’s bound to hawk them down, making them confess their darkest secrets. Love is risky, and when it comes down to it, they have to be ready to gamble. Falling for a down south country boy may be easy, but will it be worth it?

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