Every Dope Boy Got A Side Chick

By Kevina Hopkins, Mz. Biggs, Shanice B.

Every Dope Boy Got A Side Chick: Serenity & Cameron’s Story

Serenity is a young beautiful college student born and raised on the Westside of Chicago. Life was never easy for her so she learned to adapt to her surroundings to survive. She was used to doing, mostly, everything on her own. That was until she met the infamous Cameron Jacobson. He was a handsome, smart, and wealthy drug dealer. He had all the qualities that she yearned for in a man. Her brother tried to warn her about men like him. However, she ignored all the signs and fell head over heels in love with him. He was just what she needed to get her life on track, and everything was finally falling into place for her.

Serenity had goals just like any other female that was young and ambitious. But outside of all of that, just like any other handsome dope boy. There were secrets and side chicks and more drama that Serenity wasn’t ready for.

Find out what happens when a good girl and a bad boy’s world become one. Love, lies, secrets, and betrayal are straight ahead.

Every Dope Boy Got A Side Chick: Kenyon and Milani’s Story

Imagine being in what you’d like to consider the perfect relationship only to find out the person you’re dating was married, and you’re simply their side piece. That’s what proved to be true for Milani Monae. Even after learning that her boyfriend had a wife and kids, she still chose to stay with him. Thinking he would one day leave his family for her. She quickly learned this wasn’t the case. Being his side chick was no longer something she wanted to do. Milani pulls away from him with all attempts of being done. However, he had other plans for her. Milani made up in her mind that she was done with love after being hurt by her ex. She was convinced that every dope boy had a side chick, leaving it up to a new love interest to prove her wrong. Could he?

Every Dope Boy Got A Side Chick: Tristan and Makiah’s Story

Just because he was handsome, stayed dressed in the latest designs, had a deep sexy voice, and got an immense amount of likes on his Instagram page didn’t make him any different from any other hustla or dope boy. But let me tell it, it was his soft touch and the way he looked at me that really had me wishing he was mine. My feelings for him ran deep, and by the glint in his eye and the sexy smile that he wore when he was near me, I knew he felt the same way too. There was only one thing that stood in the way, and that was Tristan Carter a.k.a Blaze making me his main chick.

Finding out that he was married didn’t sit well with me. I wanted to walk away and not give this man the time of day, but walking away wasn’t going to be possible. Our chemistry was strong, and the love was pure. However, who would Tristan choose was the question that had a chick like me shook.


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