Diamond & Legend 3: A Hood Love Story

By Toy

Shots fired!!!

Legend and the crew have been targeted. For the first time in their lives, Legend and Justin have been caught slipping.

The shooters have unleashed a beast. Not only have they let out a side of legend that Diamond was unintentionally pushing to the background. They have committed the number one sin in the book of Legend by coming for his family.

Legend has to find out exactly who is responsible for the shooting. However, life throws him a few curveballs during the process. As always, making sure his family is safe takes priority over anything, especially now.

The shooters think they got away with the big score. Unfortunately, they let their need for revenge and power put them in this position. They may have hit first, won a battle but, the only thing that matters is who wins the war.

Who were the shooters? Are they ready for legend to show them why his name fits him so well?

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