Diamond & Legend 2: A Hood Love Story

By Toy

Legend and Diamond were off to a good start until the night she never came home from work. Vowing not to rest until she is found and everyone involved with her going missing receives consequences for their actions, Legend will not only get to the bottom of Diamond’s disappearance, but he will also unearth more betrayal and hate.

Diamond faces the dilemma where her next move could determine the rest of Legend’s life, as well as hers. Which path will she choose? She can either feed them the information they are looking for or simply tell the truth.

Justin and Ashera can’t seem to make things right with their situationship. It always seems as if they are on opposite pages. However, when the back-and-forth becomes too much for them, who will be the one to take a stand?

Alannah is left confused, hurt, and depressed. She has graduation to look forward to. However, she must confront the scourge of her pain. When she so happens to be put in the same space as the man who shows her what the phrase “he is my protector” really means, will she welcome him? Or run as fast as she can in the other direction?

In this next installment, we find out what diamonds and legends are made of. Love is a beautiful thing when handled properly. Love is just a word when betrayal, lies, secrets, and wars threaten its existence.

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