Chino And Chanelle 3: A Hood Love Story

By J. Dominique

In the final installment of Chino and Chanelle, the couples’ lives are as chaotic as always. After finding out his family’s dark past, Chino is left even more confused than before. Confirming who his father is could mean some life-altering changes for both him and Chanelle, but are either of them ready?

Chanelle is on cloud nine. She and Chino have made things official, she’s gotten her business location, and she no longer has to worry about any of the things Nathan put her through. Will she continue being able to live this fairy tale after Luna drops a bomb on her and Chino? Or will she cut her losses? 

Jayceon has finally locked India down, but drama seems to follow them, no matter how good things are. There’s still his bitter baby mama lurking and ready to snatch him back, plus a secret.

India’s keeping from him that could destroy them. When she tries to do the unthinkable, he’s able to stop her. However, this betrayal may be the reason things fall apart.

The couples are all dealing with explosive and life-altering secrets that have come to the light. How they handle things will either make or break them. Come along for this last ride with Chino and Chanelle and find out if love can conquer all or if life will get in the way.

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About the Author

J. Dominique was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, Illinois. Throughout her life she has always found reading to be therapeutic and had often tried her hand at writing a book of her own. It wasn’t until 2016 that she decided to seriously pursue a writing career. Since then she has released a total of 14 books including titles such as “Red & Ricko 1-3, and The Coldest Savage Stole My Heart 1&2. She currently still resides in Chicago with her 4 children, where she continues to pen more books in hopes of reaching as many fellow book lovers as she can.

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