Chi-Town Bosses & The Women That Love Em 4

By Anna Black

Gemma “Gem” Jackson is the youngest and the last of the Jackson women to fall in love. She can’t stand the man that is trying to win her heart. Although she thinks he is very attractive, his arrogant attitude is a huge turn off for her. There’s no way will she give in to his advances, so she thinks.
Raphael “Royal” Wilkerson, the baby of the Wilkerson clan, always gets whatever he wants. When he meets feisty and fiery Gemma, he is immediately turned on, but plays it cool. The more time he spends with her, the more he grows fond of her. He is determined to make her his.
Will Gemma let down her guard and allow baby Wilkerson a chance to steal or heart, or will one misunderstanding kill any chances for Royal and Gemma to have their happily ever after.

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About the Author

Anna Black is a native of Chicago and the bestselling author of the I’m Doin’ Me series. Her desire to become a published author didn’t develop until her late twenties, and she didn’t take her writing seriously until several close friends and family members encouraged her to go for it. In November 2009, Anna became a bestselling author for her debut release, Now You Wanna Come Back, within a matter of weeks. She has since released over two dozen novels, short stories, and collaborations. The Perfect Love Storm is her new and most current release under, Urban Renaissance. As she forges her path to success, her goal is to offer page-turning tales to her many followers and fans.This award-winning author currently lives in Texas with her daughter Tyra, fiance Gregory and her adorable dogs Jaxson and Jasmine.

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