Captured By A Street King's Love

By Myeisha Newton
From new author Myeisha Newton comes an enthralling, pipping hot, new urban romance series. The drama filled novel, Captured By A Street King’s Love, will have you hooked from the first page until the last.
Tahirah Dorsey is a typical example of what it is to be a good girl, a golden child. Her whole life she was always sheltered by her parents. Yet, she always knew exactly what it was they was trying to shelter her away from. During her rebellious and sneaky teen phase, she fell in love with Jirani McKnight. Well, what she believed to be love at the time. But when it comes to this thing called first love, first heartbreak shortly follows. Heartbroken and devastated, Tahirah tried her hardest to keep her head held high — remembering, she still has a bright future ahead of her.
As fate tends to work, Tahirah ends up crossing paths with the one and only Jagger McKnight. Who she learned is one of Jirani’s older brothers that she didn’t even know he had. To make matters worse, Jagger is known to be a powerful man within the drug world. Tahirah was raised to stay away from men like him. Especially with her parents both having careers centered around law and order.
A spark between them happened so effortlessly, but it’s a spark that in no possible way should ignite. Jagger and Tahirah know they shouldn’t fall for one another. It’s a line to not be crossed, yet, it does not stop them from crossing it. A deep connection forms between one another, and before they know it, they are in love. It becomes unbearable for them not to act upon it. Once spark, now turned into a strong burning fire.
Jagger McKnight made a decision to part ways from the lifestyle he’s known his whole life. However, when a very tragic event occurs, he’s forced to make a choice. A choice that could jeopardize the relationship he has with Tahirah. These two will be tested beyond measure from those that are against them.
Will Tahirah risk it all? Throwing away her bright future to take on a life that she never dreamed of having — for the man of her dreams and the one she’s helplessly in love with. Or Will Jagger conclude on his own that the real love Tahirah is giving, he’s far from deserving, and that she deserves better of a man than he could ever be?
Find out in Myeisha Newton’s debut series, Captured By A Street King’s Love.
This Urban Fiction Romance is recommended for fans of Chenell Parker, Jade Jones, Jessica Watkins, Mz. Lady P, Khadijah J., Lady Lissa, Patrice Balark, Jahquel J., K.C. Mills, & N’Dia Rae.

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