Cali Black & Kisha: An Urban Romance

By La’Quana Jones

Cali Black, a tall, charcoal-complexioned, heavyset and laid back man, loves women. However, has no plans for settling down with one. Lakisha Long, the love of his life, is a young, mixed, petite, and overall beautiful woman. But she’s hotheaded. However, she will ride or die for Cali Black. He hates that she lets her father run her life and blames her father for the death of their unborn child.

When Cali Black meets a much older woman named Sharika, he feels obligated to take care of her and her three kids. However, his relationship with Lakisha doesn’t end, and she causes problems between him and Sharika. A side chick is something Lakisha will never be. She goes crazy over Cali Black and finds herself in a jail cell. She would do anything for him, and that pisses Sharika off.

What Cali Black doesn’t know is that Lakisha has been hustling tricks with the help of her road dog, Misako. When she runs into the wrong trick, all types of drama breaks out. By now, Lakisha is in too deep because she’s low on cash and in desperate need of money. If Cali Black ever found out about her trickin’, he’d drop her for good, and there is no way Lakisha will let that happen.

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