Brooklyn & Bezo: A Complete Hood Love Story: Box Set

By Theresa Reese

After the tragic loss of her brother Byron, Brooklyn’s life changes and her world is turned upside down. She seeks refuge by leaving the projects and starting anew.  Running a lucrative escort service, things seemed to be looking up for her until what she ran from becomes what pulls her back in, her mother.

Bezo, a hood dude making hood moves, crosses paths with Brooklyn in the Van Dyke Houses. He’s everything she shouldn’t want, and in a place, she shouldn’t want to be. His on again off again girl, Trisha, makes it hard for him to flourish the way he wants. 

Will Brooklyn be able to resist temptation? Or will the wiles of Bezo and the streets prove to be what she succumbs to? 

Find out if a project love can learn to love you back and make you whole again.


About the Author

Since 2015, Theresa Reese Kirk, also known as Theresa Reese, has peened various, creative bodies of work from poetry and self help to urban literature and urban romance. From the streets of Bronx, New York, Theresa gives writing her all through page turning reads by providing daring plot twists that prompts readers to want more. After self-publishing six novels, in 2019, Theresa Reese decided to join a platform of esteemed authors by signing with Cole Hart Signature.

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