Barbie & Benz: A Thug Love Story

By Princess Diamond

A friends turned lovers thug romance tale. Princess Diamond pens Barbie & Benz, a captivating romance about unexpected love & heartache.

A Thug

A Virgin

A Drunken Night Together

Barbie Bennett is a young, stunning, ex model turned real estate mogul. She had everything going for her except for one thing. Her love life sucks. Secretly, she is in love with her best friend Benz. She had been in love with him since forever. The problem was she never told him because Benz was a certified bad boy who loved the ladies. He avoided commitment like the plague. Although, deep down inside, Barbie felt like Benz hasn’t settled down because none of the women that he dated were right for him. None of them were her.

Brysen “Benz” Sorensen has always liked the fast life. Fast money, fast cars, street dealings, and multiple women. He went from dope boy to the leader of one of the most notorious crews in Chicago. They served a quality product and flipped a lot of money. Life for Benz was sweet. He was fine, single, and rich with no kids.

What could go possibly go wrong?

One fateful night, Barbie and Benz crossed the line, sharing an earth-shattering experience together. The situation left them confused, angry, rejected and unable to move forward. They didn’t know if they were still friends, lovers, enemies or all of the above. Will one night of passion ruin their friendship? Or will they fix things before it is too late? Read what happens when a virgin falls for a thug by indulging in this steamy, hot African American Urban Fiction love story.

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About the Author

Princess Diamond writes ratchet romance, trap love stories, and urban suspense. Her books will have you hooked on the realistic story plots, addictive drama, and raw details. She started writing at the age of eight as a hobby. After writing passionately for decades, she has decided to share her work with the world.

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