Barbie & Benz 3: A Thug Love Story

By Princess Diamond

Bestselling author Princess Diamond concludes her series with Barbie & Benz 3, a heartbreaking romance finale that’ll leave you speechless. 

Scandalous Intentions.

Unspeakable Chaos.

Unforeseen Downfall.

Someone has to pay with their life.

Benz has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Barbie has been hurt in a car accident, and she doesn’t know if the baby will survive. Malice is in a coma. Cake is still missing. Benz is up to his eyeballs in drama, pulled in several directions at the same time. Not to mention, someone is still trying to kill him.

After being injured terribly during the car accident, Barbie is rushed to the hospital in dire need of medical attention. Her life is literally in the wind, and Benz has no idea if she will make it through this ordeal. The doctors are nervous, she’s flatlined, and has lost a lot of blood. To make matters worse things aren’t looking good for her or the baby.

Will Barbie survive? Will Benz survive? Will the baby survive? No one is safe in the third installment of this series. One click to get Barbie & Benz 3 right away and find out what really happens.

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About the Author

Princess Diamond writes ratchet romance, trap love stories, and urban suspense. Her books will have you hooked on the realistic story plots, addictive drama, and raw details. She started writing at the age of eight as a hobby. After writing passionately for decades, she has decided to share her work with the world.

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