And He Got The Side Chick Pregnant

By Theresa Reese

Moni took scandalous to a whole new level. She used being naive and young to her advantage. That was up until she met Ross. The guy who turned her out and her world upside down. Not only was he twenty-plus years her senior, but he also had it all. While he had no problem spoiling Moni, it was the consequences that came with it. She would never be his girl, forever his side chick. Caught up in the rapture of love, she would soon learn that embarrassment is the least of her worries. 

Ross wanted it all. Selfish and greed were all he knew. He lived up to the quote, “I want to have my cake and eat it too.” His life was all fun and games up until he was knee-deep in with his side chick. Unable to let her go as he hoped, she ends up pregnant. Two families, one man. Ross is forced to pick and choose which lifestyle is more ideal. That is until secrets, past infidelities catch up with him, and the situation turned out to be more than what he bargained for. 

Moni is in love with her best friend’s father.

Ross is trying to relive his youth. 

Temptation and deceit lead them to cross lines— lines that could tear any family apart. 


About the Author

Since 2015, Theresa Reese Kirk, Theresa Reese, penned various creative bodies of work from poetry and self-help to urban lit and urban romance. From the streets of the Bronx, New York, Theresa gives writing her all through page-turning reads that have readers wanting more from daring plot twists to conquering love. After self-publishing six novels, Theresa Reese signed with Cole Hart Signature in 2019, joining a platform of esteemed authors.

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