And He Got The Side Chick Pregnant 3: Moni & Blu Spinoff

By Theresa Reese

Just when Moni thinks she can live life peacefully with Blu and her children, she gets the shock of her life. His past and her insecurities send this new couple through a series of unexpected twists and turns. As the plot thickens, Moni is destined to get her happily ever after. Many are left questioning, does a side chick deserve a happy ending?

Blu comes in sweeping, Moni off her feet. Even after her brush with death, he manages to win her over. How long that will last, neither of them knows. With a recent trip back home to New York City, he is tested. Can he make it back home to Moni? Or will his past finally catch up to him?

Find out in this spin-off you don’t want to miss by Theresa Reese.


About the Author

Since 2015, Theresa Reese Kirk, Theresa Reese, penned various creative bodies of work from poetry and self-help to urban lit and urban romance. From the streets of the Bronx, New York, Theresa gives writing her all through page-turning reads that have readers wanting more from daring plot twists to conquering love. After self-publishing six novels, Theresa Reese signed with Cole Hart Signature in 2019, joining a platform of esteemed authors.

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