And He Got The Side Chick Pregnant 2

By Theresa Reese
The secrets revealed were enough to drive anyone to drink. Moni was on edge, ready to jump from the lies that were kept from her. Stuck between wanting to do what was right and doing what she wanted, Moni had to figure out how to proceed. When she was left with no choice, Moni fell on hard times. Would it make her tough? Or would she fall victim to being the typical side chick?
Ross had it all planned. With his wife’s secret now out, he no longer felt as if he was the blame for his infidelity. Could he forgive his wife for what she had done over twenty years, or was this the end? With his record and a new child lingering over his head, Ross had to decide if keeping Moni around would do more harm than help.
How far is too far gone when it comes to a man? Has Moni grew up and learned her worth, or is she determined to play her role as the sidechick? Find out in the gripping finale by Theresa Reese.


About the Author

Since 2015, Theresa Reese Kirk, Theresa Reese, penned various creative bodies of work from poetry and self-help to urban lit and urban romance. From the streets of the Bronx, New York, Theresa gives writing her all through page-turning reads that have readers wanting more from daring plot twists to conquering love. After self-publishing six novels, Theresa Reese signed with Cole Hart Signature in 2019, joining a platform of esteemed authors.

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