All I Wanted Was A Dope Boy 2

By Yasuani

From the author Yasauni comes a gripping, urban romance finale with an ending you’d never expect.

Giovanni has never been one to back down from an enemy. However, when the people he loves the most are threatened, he vows to protect them at all costs. But will his need to protect drive away the woman he loves?
Teniel has been warned by her mother that Giovanni wants to control her. Feeling suffocated, she starts to rebel against Giovanni’s rules, which leads her down a destructive path that could cost her not only her relationship but her life.
Find out if the couple and their friends will make it out whole in the finale,  All I Wanted Was A Dope Boy 2.


This Urban Fiction Romance is recommended for fans of Chenell Parker, Jade Jones, Jessica Watkins, Mz. Lady P, Khadija J., Lady Lissa, Patrice Balark, Jahquel J., K.C. Mills, & N’Dia Rae.

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