A Kingpin Stole My Heart: An Original Love Story

By Princess Diamond

Nyceah “Nyce” Chambers thinks she has met her future husband when she crosses paths with Graham Elliot. That is until she catches Graham in bed with another woman. Their breakup leaves her homeless and heartbroken. Nyceah has no choice but to return to Chicago to face her past. However, with Nyceah out of the picture, Graham stares karma in the face. A string of bad events causes him to be bitter, to hate Nyceah’s guts, and to seek revenge.

Nexus “Next” Giuliani owns one of the biggest shipping companies in the world. He makes great money as a corporate leader, but, it’s his street affairs that concern him the most. He returns to Chicago to finalize contraband drug shipments for the mafia to France. He has put his heart and soul into this arrangement that includes marrying the French ally’s daughter to seal the deal.
Neither Nyceah or Next is looking for love when they first meet, but their attraction is instant. Even though they try to avoid each other for obvious reasons, she craves his touch and he longs for her presence. What starts off as lust between them quickly develops into something more.

However, Nexus’ wife Camille and Nyceah’s ex-boyfriend Graham are willing to do anything to stop these two from being together, including murder. Will Camille kill her husband’s mistress like she has in the past? Or will Graham get to Nyceah first? Nyceah’s life is in jeopardy with threats coming from everywhere. With all the power that Nexus has, will he be able to save her from certain death?

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About the Author

Princess Diamond writes ratchet romance, trap love stories, and urban suspense. Her books will have you hooked on the realistic story plots, addictive drama, and raw details. She started writing at the age of eight as a hobby. After writing passionately for decades, she has decided to share her work with the world.

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