A Hood Luv In Detroit

By Nae P

From Nae P comes a new heart racing urban fiction series, A Hood Luv In Detroit, full of unexpected love, jealousy, unfinished business, and new beginnings.

Motivated by the struggle, Los is on the come up fast, until he finds himself associated with the wrong crowd. As he races against time to protect the ones he loves the most, a war on drugs and love couldn’t have come at a worse time for him. And while Los has the chance to learn the difference between the two, will the lesson have come too late?

Raheem’s rise to stardom is steady and easy, as he has been patiently waiting on his moment. Being the next hottest artist out of the City, Rah is ready to toast to his accomplishments and celebrate life with his girl. But with the triumphs comes the trials. Will Rah be able to juggle the demands of his new lifestyle while maintaining a solid foundation?

Nastasia is stepping into her purpose after facing a near death experience. And with Rah by her side, the future seems limitless, as their bond grows tighter. But even with a promising career and budding love life, Nasi silently struggles with past woes. Will she be able to separate the old players from the new game? Or will the lifestyles of luxury over shadow the new players lurking in the dark?

A Hood Luv in Detroit is a riveting tale of a young, successful crew aiming for the spotlight. But will the crowd get to cheer them on? Or will the streets swallow them up in the end?

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