A Hood Luv In Detroit 2

By Nae P

Is this Los’ final ride through the city? After finding out who’s been behind the smoking gun, revenge takes on a whole new meaning. But will he be given a chance to reclaim his stripes? Or will his enemies succeed in knocking him out of the box?

In light of recent events, Raheem is forced to step out of his shell. With a budding music career, maintaining his reputation seemingly becomes the furthest thing from Rah’s mind. Keeping his circle tighter than tight seems to be his ideal remedy. But what happens when someone close to him may have broken the code?

In the wake of tragedy, Nastasia has to push her pride to the side. Determined to hold her man and family down, things start to look up once she and Rah come to an understanding. But the notion is easier said than done with so many people in her ear. With everyone pining for her attention, will Nasi miss sight of the bigger picture?

A Hood Luv in Detroit II picks up right where Part I left off. True intentions are revealed, and bonds are tested. This riveting finale will take you on an emotional rollercoaster as dangerous ties weave webs that may end deadly for some all in the name of love.

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