A Good Girl & A Down South Millionaire 2

By Michelle Elaine

From Cole Hart Signature’s new author comes A Good Girl & A Down South Millionaire 2, a new gritty romance sequel.

In the second installment— of this three-part series, the Reid family and the Ramirez Cartel returned to deal with the aftereffects of the drug war with KS9. After dealing with a failed relationship, Jada comes face to face with a new, mysterious love interest. However, he is surprisingly connected to her family in ways she never imagined. 

Cameron has to deal with the uncomfortable, yet, necessary changes to the day to day operations of the business and the structure of the Atlanta organization. These changes possibly remain permanent when Julian takes a voluntary but extended step away. Will Cameron be able to adjust to his new role? Or will his irresponsible behavior and playboy ways cause a life-altering reaction?

What will happen when Jada finds out who her new admirer really is? With all the changes the Reid Family is already facing, the Atlanta organization comes under attack from an unknown enemy with a personal vendetta. They don’t care what or who they destroy on their quest for vengeance. By the time the Reids figure out who is after them, it may be too late to save everyone.

Find out what happens in the second novel of this three-part series, A Good Girl & A Down South Millionaire 2.

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About the Author

Michelle Elaine is an emerging author of African American Urban Fiction and romance. Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, she still resides in the metro area with her husband and sons. She always been passionate about storytelling and character creation/development. This passion led to her pinning several short stories with plot and character development before she completed her first book, “A Good Girl & A Down South Millionaire”. Michelle recently signed with Cole Hart Signature in 2020 and looks forward to releasing many more books.

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